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Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Question: Does vinegar turn into wine over time?
No, it does not.

Question: Some food and beverages contain gelatin as an ingredient. It is said gelatin is generally obtained from pigs. Is it true? That is, do we have to abstain from that which contains gelatin?
The general rule is that there is nothing wrong with eating something if it is not known for sure that it contains lard.

Question: Do we have to keep eating vessels with their lids closed?
Eating and drinking vessels should have lids. One should cover vessels before going to bed at night. Doors should be closed, and lights should be extinguished. Children should be at home. Genies come out at nights. It is best to be always tidy, neat, and clean.

It is stated in hadith-i sharifs:
(Before going to bed at night, put lids on water containers, and cover eating vessels. If there is nothing to cover them, then put a stick on them with the mention of the Basmala.) [Muslim]

(At night, cover vessels. Cover empty vessels too, or turn upside down.) [Bukhari]

Question: Is it sinful to eat poppy seed pastries?
No, it is not sinful. What is used in pastries is the seeds of opium, which are oily substances. They do not contain opium. Oil is extracted from the seeds as well. Poppy seeds or their oil does not contain opium. Opium is in the pod, which is not used in pastry.

Question: Is it permissible to inhale steam of a medicine that contains alcohol to clear my stuffy nose when I have flu?
Yes, it is permissible, but it is better to prefer alcohol-free one if there is.

Question: Is it permissible to consume chocolate that contains cacao liquor?
Liqueur is a drink made from a mix of fruit, alcohol, and essence. There are alcoholic candies and chocolates imported from foreign countries. It is not permissible to consume them. However, cacao liquor is not cacao mixed with liqueur. It is a form of ground liquid cacao. It is alcohol free.

Question: Is it permissible to make pastries in the shape of birds or other animals?
No, it is not permissible. It is good to abide by the religion in the matters of lawful acts, too.

Question: A friend of mine gave me a package of chocolate to deliver it to his friend. However, I ate half of chocolates. Then I admitted to him that I ate half of them, and he forgave me for what I did. Am I sinful for it?
You were unfaithful to the trust placed in you. You may have died before confession. Now it is makruh as he forgave you. (Hindiyya)

Question: A small amount of smoking is not sinful. It is asked whether it is sinful or not to consume the plants that are lighter than heroin.


Heroin is no light, but very powerful intoxicant. There is nothing wrong with eating plants that are not intoxicating. As for intoxicating ones, it is permissible to consume them to the extent where one is not intoxicated.

Question: It is said that eating meat much darkens the heart. What is the limit for this?
If it is eaten for 40 days continuously, it means eating much.

Question: Is it allowable for men to chew a gum to prevent bad breath?
Yes, it is.

Question: If the blood on meat touches another piece of meat, will  the latter become impure?
No, it will not. What is impure is flowing blood. Nonflowing blood on a piece of meat is not impure.

Question: Is there alcohol in menthol tissue?
No, there is not.

Question: Is it permissible to eat the food given by a person who has a restaurant where alcohol is served?
It is permissible because the most of his wealth is not from forbidden earnings.

Question: Is rotten meat najs (impure)?
No, it is not.

Question: Can the staff in an orphanage eat the meal cooked there?
Yes, they can. The guardian of a child can eat from the child’s property.

Question: Is it permissible to put a photocopy of the Qur’anic verses of healing into a glass of water and then drink it?
Yes, it is permissible.

Question: Will one become sinful if one refuses drinking wine in case of ikrah mulji (complete duress)?
If one does not know its permissibility and is killed, then one will be a martyr.

Question: Is it permissible to eat imported cheese?
Yes, it is permissible.

Question: It is healing to drink remnants of wudu’ water. Does it apply to drinking water from the tap after wudu’?
Yes, it does.

Question: I let people take candies on my desk when I am absent. Is it permissible for them to take them away?
It is permissible for them to eat candies there. It is not permissible to take them away.

Question: If one steals a bottle of milk, will it be halal if one compensates it after drinking?

Question: Is it permissible to eat someone else’s food if one is absolutely certain that he/she will permit?
Yes, it is permissible. However, one should avoid cases that may lead to a bad opinion.

Question: Is it permissible to eat the meal of a relative who does not give ‘ushr?
It is permissible in order not to cause fitnah.

Question: Is it makruh to make tea with zamzam?
Yes, it is makruh.

Question: If a Muslim says impure for a particular meal while another Muslims says it is pure, is it permissible to eat that meal?
You should trust the one who says it is pure. (Ibn Abidin)

Question: Is it religiously right to be a vegetarian?
It is not sinful not to eat meat. However, it is not permissible to believe that meat is unhealthy and so haram for oneself. The Qur’an al-karim says (what means):

(O you who believe! Do not hold as haram the pure things Allah has made halal for you, and do not exceed the limits. Allah does not like those who exceed the limits.) [Al-Ma’idah 87]
Eating meat everyday causes discomfort for the heart. On the other hand, not eating any meat at all makes one morally corrupt. (Sharh to Shira)


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