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Eating Raw Meat and Vegetables

Question: You say that it is not necessary to look for proof for something mubah and proof is necessary for something haram. Secondly, you say that there are answers to all Islamic questions in the fascicles of Endless Bliss. However, it is not written in them that eating raw meat or raw vegetables is haram. Then is it permissible to eat them?
In the sixth fascicle of Endless Bliss, there is a section “What is haram to eat and things that are haram to use.” It is written there that eating harmful or poisonous things is haram. In it, the basic rule is written. Anything that does your body harm is haram. There are a lot of poisonous plants. It is haram to eat, say, poisonous mushrooms. There are also harmful vegetables and fruit. Some may be allergens. If a particular vegetable or fruit is an allergen or harmful to someone, it is haram for him/her to eat it. It is not haram for others. Some people may have an allergic reaction to strawberries. Then it is not permissible for them to eat strawberries. Eating raw vegetables, e.g., eggplants or potatoes, may be harmful for some people. Eating to the amount that causes a person harm is sinful. For example, if eating ten strawberries is harmful for a particular person but eating three strawberries does not cause any harm, then it is not sinful for him or her to eat three strawberries. Raw vegetables do not cause vegetarians any harm as they are used to eating them. Therefore, it is not sinful for them to eat raw vegetables.

Raw meat is mubah like raw vegetables. There is nothing wrong with eating it, but some raw vegetables may be bad for some people. Therefore, they may eat as little as not to be harmful to their bodies. Similarly, raw meat may be bad for the body if consumed much. For example, half a spoon of raw minced meat may be eaten.

So is the case with medicines sold in pharmacies for healing. If one or two pills are not harmful for someone, he/she can take them. If, for example, ten pills poison one, it is haram to take ten pills. Even any mubah food may be haram in some cases. For example, gorging oneself on food is haram because too much food is harmful for the body. The case is the same when cigarettes are concerned. Even one cigarette may cause an asthmatic to go into a coma. On the other hand, ten cigars may not be harmful for others. The amount harmful for a person is haram only for that person.

Question: Is it sinful to eat a raw egg or raw meat, e.g., fermented sausage?
It is not sinful to eat raw egg or raw fermented sausage.


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