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Halal and Haram


 Edible and Inedible Animals
 Eating Doubtful Food
 Alcoholic Drinks
 Eating Pork Is Prohibited
 Eating What Non-Muslims Prepare
 Alcohol in Medicines
 Tobacco Is Harmful
 Eating Raw Meat and Vegetables
 Can Halal or Haram Vary from Person to Person?
 How to Slaughter Animals?
 Miscellaneous Questions and Answers
 Organ Transplant
 Obeying the Sultan

Date of Update
16 Temmuz 2024 Salı
All the materials on our website have been prepared for the benefit of all people.
Therefore, everybody is allowed to get benefit from them as they wish without submitting a
request for permission on condition that they will be faithful to their original forms.
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