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What Is Prohibited to Eat or Drink

Question: What things are haram (prohibited) to eat or drink? What is the reason for the prohibition?
The meat of some animals cannot be eaten by reason of the prohibition of our religion. Of course, there are some reasons behind it. Muslims do not do what our religion has prohibited even though they do not know the reason. It is a fact that the food consumed has either a positive or a negative effect on humans. For example, if a baby’s mother is bad or if a baby is given suck by a woman of bad character, it will be naughty. For this reason, if you think of yourself, you should eat that which our religion has permitted and abstain from that which our religion has prohibited.

Things that are haram to eat or drink are as follows:

1. Eating that which itself is haram [such as carrion, pork and wine],

2. Eating that which itself is not haram but obtained by way of extortion, theft, or bribery,

3. Eating though one is full,

4. Eating that which causes allergic reaction, [For example, if eating fish, eggs, pickles, or strawberries causes someone harm, then eating it is haram only for that person while allowable for others.]

5. Eating that which is harmful [e.g., mud, soil, glass],

6. Eating that which is poisonous [such as poisonous plants and rotten meat],

7. Taking narcotics, [It is permissible to take narcotic substances if a doctor prescribes as medication.]

8. Eating that which is clean but disgusting [such as frogs, insects that do not have blood; worms in fruit, cheese],

The Qur’an al-karim says (what means):
(It is haram to eat carrion, blood flowing, filthy swine, and animals slaughtered to the name of other than Allah.) [Al-An’am 145]

In addition to the prohibited things stated in the verse, that the above-mentioned substances were also prohibited was stated by our master the Prophet.

Question: Doctors say that breast milk has healing uses for some diseases. My father has cancer and is advised breast milk. Islamically, is it permissible to drink it?
It is haram to drink breast milk. A child over two and a half years of age should not be given suck, either. However, the ruling on its being used for medicinal purposes is as follows:

It is written in Fath-ul-qadir: “It was stated, ‘If a Muslim specialist says that breast milk will definitely heal a particular disease and there is no other medicine for it, then it is permissible for the ill person to buy and drink it.’” If breast milk is mixed with honey and drunk, it dissolves bladder stones. (Se'adet-i Ebediyye)


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