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Following the Majority of People

Question: When I do something sunnat, ahl al-bid'at (a person of religious innovation) says, "Everybody does the opposite of what you are doing. Is it only you who are on the true path?" Evil deeds and innovations are popular everywhere while good deeds and commandments of Allahu ta'ala are presented as an ogre. What is the reason for this?
Because the number of scholars will decrease and that of ignorant ones will increase and because people will become corrupt and Doomsday will strike upon evil ones, people follow the majority. It is stated in hadith-i sharifs:

(Every century will be worse than the previous one. Thus it will go on worsening till Doomsday.) [Mukhtasar Tadhkira al-Qurtubi, Hadiqa]

(The best of people are those living in my time [the Companions]. Then come those who follow them [the Tabi'in]. Then come those who follow them [Tabi al-Tabi'in]. After them, lies will spread.) [Bukhari]

(Successors will impute ignorance to earlier scholars.) [Ibn 'Asakir]

(Doomsday will not take place unless evil people are presented as good ones and good people as evil ones.) [Haraiti]

(This religion started as something strange, and in the end it will revert to its old position.) [Tirmidhi]

The danger of bid'at
These instruments [microphones, loudspeakers, etc] must not be used as tools for acts of worship, but it is highly beneficial to use them in the fields of education, training, and news. Incorporating them into acts of worship is bid'at. We must perform salat and offer the other acts of worship in the same way as they were performed by our Master the Prophet, the Blessed Companions, and Islamic scholars. Any addition to or removal from them means altering the religion. How ugly it is to consider the use of a loudspeaker in salat, which is bid'at, to be good! Incorporating bid'at in acts of worship does not make them better. We should bear in mind the hadith-i sharif "Those who do not do acts of worship as we do are not from us" and avoid changing the religion by adding something to or by eliminating something from it. It is stated in hadith-i sharifs:

(Every bid'at is heresy, and every heretic is in Hell.) [Ibn 'Asakir]

(Refrain from bid'at because every bid'at is misguidance.) [Ibn 'Asakir]

(If a person introduces a bid'at, his fasts, his pilgrimage, his jihad, his repentance, and any of his other good deeds will not be accepted. His departing from Islam will be as easy as a hair being pulled out of butter.) [Daylami]

Hadrat Imam-i Rabbani, reviver of the second millennium, stated:

"When Hadrat Mahdi spreads Islam in the time period close to Doomsday and revives sunnat, a scholar in Medina who is used to committing bid'at will say about Hadrat Mahdi, "This man will eradicate our religion" because he will consider bid'at to be good and will do it as an act of worship" (Vol. 1, Letter 255).

Question: How should we respond to a person who says, "Microphones are used in salat even at Ka'ba. Does it not indicate that it is permissible to use a loudspeaker in salat"?
The implementation of Wahhabis at Ka'ba is not a standard to judge. It is a well-known fact that Wahhabis have nothing to do with Ahl as-Sunnah wa'l Jama'ah. It is even written in the book Ni'mat-i Islam and other credible books that they are zindiq. A drowning man will clutch at a straw, but one who has difficulty in issuing a fatwa should not clutch at Wahhabis.

Question: We all know that several things that were considered haram in Muslim societies 50 years ago have become halal today. Based on this, what is wrong with the utilization of loudspeakers and stereos in acts of worship because the majority of society wants them?
That which is haram in the past does not become halal today. Even if one says halal about something haram, it is still haram in the sight of Allah. You should mention a real-life example about this issue. Is there anything that was haram in the past but halal now or vice versa? There is no such an example, and it is not possible. The religion is not a toy everybody can play with. It does not change over time, and no reform can be made to it. Today salat must be led in the same way as it was led by the Prophet of Allah. Making changes to the religion means disdaining the One who sent the religion, which is an act of disbelief.


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