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Things That Do Not Invalidate the Fast

Question: What are the things that do not invalidate the fast?
Some of them are as follows:

1. If one, forgetting that one is fasting, eats or drinks,

2. If vomit that comes up from the stomach to the mouth goes back down into the stomach,

If one applies ointment, tincture of iodine, cologne, or hydrogen peroxide to a chapped lip or a slash on the hand, [It is written in the book Endless Bliss that when some ointment is applied to an open wound it does not break the fast unless it is known well that it has penetrated in. Herein supposition is not considered as "knowing well." It must be known for certain. It cannot be said that it has broken the fast unless one knows for certain that it has penetrated in it.]

4. If one is given artificial air with an oxygen tube,

5. If one intends to break the fast but does not break it,

6. If one vomits a mouthful involuntarily,

7. If dust, smoke, etc goes into one's throat inadvertently,

8. If one vomits a little voluntarily,

9. If medicine is dropped into the eye or if a wet contact lens is worn on the eye,

10. If one backbites,

11. If one has a nocturnal emission while asleep,

12. If one puts medicine in one's tooth cavity,

13. If one smells a flower, cologne, or perfume, or if one wears deodorant,

14. If one has a tooth extraction without an anesthetic injection,

15. If one tastes food without swallowing it,

16. If the smoke of others' cigarettes or the dust on the ground goes into one's mouth or nose, though one avoids it,

17. If one, after a tooth extraction, swallows the blood that is less than saliva,

18. If one, after rinsing one's mouth, swallows the wetness remaining in one's mouth together with one's saliva,

19. If one swallows something that has remained between one's teeth from the previous night, it does not break the fast if it is smaller than a chick pea.

20. If one undergoes cupping or if one has blood drawn,

21. If water goes into the ear,

22. If one emits semen by looking [at something sexy] while awake,

23. If one uses a miswak (a twig of certain trees used to clean teeth) or if one brushes one's teeth without toothpaste,

24. If one makes a ghusl or has a bath,

25. If one inserts a piece of cotton into the urethra, [It breaks the fast in the Shafi'i Madhhab.]

26. If medicine, ointment, any kind of patches, nicotine patches, or diet patches applied to healthy skin,

27. If a liquid medicine that is put on a wound before dawn is absorbed after dawn,

28. If blood, pus, or the like that comes out of a wound goes back into it,

29. If a bee stings,

30. If one swallows the wetness on one's lip,

31. If one inhales the steam that forms in the bathroom,

32. If a dry finger is inserted into the vagina or anus, [It breaks the fast in the Shafi'i Madhhab.]

33. If one accidentally pricks one's finger with a needle and a piece of it remains inside,

34. If one who applies insecticide to one's home inhales it willy nilly, one's fast is not broken because it is unavoidable.

35. If soapy water goes into one's ear,

36. If a cotton bud is inserted into the ear, [It breaks the fast in the Shafi'i Madhhab.]

37. If hematite is rubbed to stop bleeding,

38. If one swallows food substance or phlegm or vomit that comes back up from the stomach or if one swallows the discharge that flows from the head to the nose,

39. If one takes some water and rinses one's mouth or washes one's mouth, swallowing the wetness remaining in the mouth together with one's saliva does not break the fast.

40. If a man kisses his wife, his fast is not broken, unless it causes sexual desire and leads him to ejaculation.

41. Acupuncture treatment does not invalidate the fast. In this practice, only needles are inserted; nothing is injected into the body.

42. Electrolysis hair removal does not break the fast. Inserting a needle into the body does not invalidate the fast as long as something like medicine is not injected into it. Medicine is not injected into the skin during the practice of electrolysis. It is only that a needle is inserted into a hair follicle and electric current is applied into it.

Hair removal from eyebrows, upper lips, or pubic areas does not invalidate the fast.

44. If teardrops and beads of sweat enter the mouth of a fasting person, they do not break the fast if they are one or two drops, for it is difficult to avoid them. If they are much, they still do not invalidate the fast if they are not swallowed but are spat out.

45. The discharge that is emitted because of gonorrhea does not break the fast.

Eating forgetfully
I got up for pre-dawn meal. After having the meal, I made intention for fasting and went to bed. When I got up in the morning, I forgot that I was fasting, so I ate and drank until the evening. I remembered my fast in the evening. Was my fast valid?
Yes, it was valid because eating or drinking forgetfully does not break the fast.

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