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Original Texts-1

[The great scholar] Ibn Nujaym was asked: If one has fard salats to make up and if one performs the sunnat salats of Salat al-Fajr, Salat az-Zuhr, Salat al-Asr, Salat al-Maghrib, and Salat al-Isha with the intention of making up one's qada salats, will one be considered to have abandoned the sunnat salats?

His answer was: One will not be considered to have abandoned the sunnat salats because the purpose in performing the sunnat salats of the five daily salats is to perform a salat in addition to a fard salat. By performing one more salat in addition to a fard salat, one will have disgraced Satan, who does not want humans to perform salat. It is written in Nawadir that this method is better; that is, by performing qada salats instead of sunnat salats, one will have fulfilled the sunnat, too. Many people are performing sunnat salats instead of making up qada salats. They are deserving of chastisement; that is, they will go to Hell. But one who performs qada salats instead of sunnat salats will not be deserving of Hell; that is, one will be saved from Hell. (An-Nawadir-ul-Fiqhiyya fi Madhhab-il-Aimmat-il Hanafiyya)

The text above has been taken from the book an-Nawadir-ul-fiqhiyya fi Madhhab-il-Aimmat-il Hanafiyya, copies of which are registered at number 1037 in the Es’ad Efendi section and at number 1463 in the Yahya Tevfik Efendi section of Suleymaniye Library in Istanbul. Its author is Muhammad Sadiq Efendi, the (then) Qadi of Jerusalem. He died in 1230 (1815 AD). Muhammad Sadiq Efendi took this fatwa from Uyun al-Basair, which is a supercommentary on Ashbah of Ahmad Hamawi. Ahmad Hamawi was a mudarris (professor) in Egypt and died in 1098 (1686 AD). The book entitled Nawadir mentioned in the text above is a work of Shams al-Aimma al-Hulwani, who was a Hanafi scholar. He wrote commentaries on al-Jami al-Kabir and as-Siyar al-Kabir by Muhammad Shaybani and also wrote an-Nawadir, al-Mabsut, al-Waqi'at, and so on. Hadrat Ibn Nujaym, who was asked the question in the text, was a scholar in Hanafi fiqh. His works al-Ashbah wa'n Nazair, Zayniyya, Kabair, and his commentary on Manar in the field of usul al-fiqh are well known. He died in 970.

In the commentary on the pamphlet Bay wa Shir'a of Hadrat Hamza Efendi, it is written, "Perform a two-rak'at salat before going on a journey. If you have salats to make up, then you must make up one, two, or three salats because it is idiocy to perform voluntary salats when one has salats to make up." (p. 6) (The origional text is at the end of the quote above.)


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